Precious Metals

In May 2017, MPA set up daily price models of the precious metals palladium, platinum, silver, gold, plus the gold : silver price ratio. The output of these show, for a 200-trading-day lookback period, actual and modelled values, and the momentum of the modelled values. For a sample of the gold model’s output, click here. Among the drivers used in the gold model are two exchange rates: USDJPY and USDCNY; two treasury bond drivers (one revealing the slope of the yield curve) and one stock market index related driver. For the more industrial precious metals, platinum, palladium and silver, additional drivers are metal-specific, relating to share prices in end-use industries appropriate to each metal. MPA is seeking a partner for the commercialization of the precious metals models: specifically a company that can provide daily commentaries to accompany the mathematics, and which has a significant existing client base.