Metal Price Analytics provides the Daily Precious Metal Report covering Gold, Silver, Platinum and Platinum through its joint venture company MF Price Analytics Ltd formed in association with Metals Focus Ltd.

The Daily Precious Metal Report

The Daily Precious Metal Report covering Gold, Silver, Platinum and Platinum is based on MPA’s “fair value” factor models which are used to create a factor model trend channel which is then used together with the actual price to generate signals.

The trend channel is constructed from a factor model that looks at the dynamic relationship between related markets. Among the factors considered in the model are Currencies, U.S. Bonds, Indexes. These weightings can vary through time and are recalculated daily. The chart signal is obtained from the short term Signal Oscillator. Signals are also given for the medium and long term trend.  A short, medium and long term signal alert is given warning of a possible trend change. Mixed signals or alerts indicate uncertainty. A channel alert is given warning that prices may move above or below the trend channel. An estimate of the next day price region is also given.

Sample Report:

MPA Precious Metals 14-Jan-2019


The signals are the output of an algorithm on a factor model and price and are not to be taken as investment advice. They must be viewed together with fundamental analysis and breaking news. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Every effort has been taken to present the correct information, however, neither Metal Price Analytics Ltd nor its staff are liable to any error that may occur. Historical Data may be subject to revision which may affect the signal.

Report Delivery:

Reports are delivered each working day by email, 48 weeks per year. If for any reason a report cannot be produced, an extra report will be credited.

MPA also has the capability, using the same methodology as above, to produce reports of

Mining Equities:

MPA Precious Metal Mining Equities 14-Jan-2019

MPA General Mining Equities 14-Jan-2019


Consultancy Work:

LME base, ferrous and minor metals, other commodities, and other equities can also be prepared on a pre-paid bespoke basis, provided the sponsor can also give help with additional data on key market factors, where needed if these are unavailable to MPA.

Long Term Models:

Longer term models can also be built on underlying factors, where the customer provides the historical data and forecast data for the factors.

These can be used for scenario analysis on different assumptions of the forecast factors.

Sister-company BME’s Copper Market Reports & Database

Sister-company BME publishes a quarterly forecasting report on copper prices and the fundamentals of the market, backed up by a database of 60+ countries’ mine, smelter & refinery production, refined consumption, imports & exports of copper concentrates, blister and refined. BME currently forecasts to end 2020 and is considering producing an annual long term outlook.

Expertise in Industrial Minerals, Minor Metals – Available via Roskill

Both BME directly and Adam Sotowicz indirectly are shareholders in Roskill, which covers over forty markets in industrial minerals, minor and steel alloying metals, ceramics and glasses, carbon and chemicals. If clients wish it, BME / MPA would be happy to investigate price modelling of these markets.

The Metal Market Alliance

BME and MPA’s reach is extended further by their membership of the Metal Market Alliance along with Huw Roberts and Claire Hassall (macro-economists and China experts), Cliff Green (technical analysis), David Waite & Michael Lockwood (price risk management) and Martin Haller (bauxite, alumina and aluminium).


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